The Lynden Community

So much of what Lynden is today comes from the hard work and high standards of those who settled early in Lynden. From Holden and Phoebe Judson in the late 1880’s to the Dutch and Scandinavian settlers who came later, Lynden has been left with a legacy of  self-reliance and a dedication to community. The beautiful dairy farms, the high quality fields of fruit, the many businesses that dedicate themselves to quality and service, our future is in good hands if we only follow the examples set by the past. Today, with the continued movement of all ages and cultures into Lynden our future is brighter and more exciting than ever.
Blessed with beautiful surroundings and community-minded residents, Lynden has much to offer, whether you’re looking for a place to visit or relocate.

A city of just under 12,000 people, Lynden is located in the mild climate of northwest Washington, just four miles from the Canadian border and 15 miles north of Bellingham. The natural beauty of Mt. Baker and the San Juan Islands, plus the metropolitan attractions of Seattle and Vancouver, B.C., all are within just a few hours drive. It will not take you long to see why locals say we live in God’s Country.

With strong public and private school systems, Lynden is known as a great place to raise a family – a reputation undoubtedly enhanced by its abundance of churches.  Faith plays a huge part in the everyday lives of many people in the Lynden community. This too is a part of our history and many us expect it will be a large part of our future.

While Lynden may to some people seem like a “dream town”, this did not all happen by accident. We have areas that need improvement like any other community. It was and is the dedication to faith, hard work and teamwork with fellow citizens that made and make Lynden what is.  At home and at church, in the streets and in the fields, at work and at play, over and over the people of Lynden continue together to do what we can to make this our home and our town. Some say we are a flashback to a different period of time in America. We prefer to think we’re cutting edge!

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