Lynden_Church_014Lynden has long been known as possessing one of the highest ratios of churches per capita in the country. The role of faith in the Lynden community has contributed more to the way Lynden is today than any other single factor. Over 40 churches representing a variety of denominations and faiths conduct services in the Lynden area. From large to small, the churches of Lynden and their many members continue to have a positive and long-lasting impact on the community.

Many of our local churches participate in community events and help provide needed community services. Organizations like the Lynden Ministerial Association help coordinate the efforts of area churches to make sure that needs of both a physical and spiritual nature are being met. Be it comfort in a time of loss and sorrow, assistance in getting children to school, helping with Lynden events or even putting on community events of their own, the Lynden faith community is an asset easily overlooked but one that would be irreplaceable.

A partial list of local Lynden churches is available by clicking here.


Berthusen Park
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